Good enough just ain't good enough

Any old design shop can make pretty pictures, but it takes more to get your audience to sit up, take notice, and buy. That’s why at Eggs + Rice we don’t just push pixels. We believe in the power of good communication to motivate your audience to take action. We dig deep to help you hone your story so it reaches your audience in a form that gets results.

Digging deep

Analyze and plan

We start with a thorough discovery process so that we understand your communication challenges. Once we’re sure we’re all on the same page, we develop a communication strategy which serves as a foundation for the creative to follow. Your creative strategy will answer these basic questions:

  • What do you want to say?
  • Who do you want to say it to?
  • How do you want to say it?

Purposeful creative

Explore and improve

Sketch, sketch, sketch. At Eggs + Rice, we work together as a team to come up with a wide range of ideas, then narrow them down until we have found that one great concept that tells your story in the most compelling way.

Getting real

Design and deploy

Once your communication solution is buttoned up, we get down to the serious work of making it real. We create and deliver a polished communication piece that gets your audience to sit up, take notice, and buy.